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Diflucan is an effective antifungal drug broad-spectrum. It can be used to treat candidiasis of different localization, but the special popularity of the drug earned in the therapy of inflammatory processes in the vagina, caused by fungi of the genus Candida, also known as "thrush". Buy Diflucan ->>>

The manufacturer of the drug promises relief from this unpleasant illness in just one appointment. But is it really? What the reviews say about the use of diflucan?

We took diflucan, and the next day all the symptoms of thrush is gone. Super!"

Indeed, the efficacy of the drug clinically proven. Already many women with it, said goodbye to remember yeast infection and itching and burning in the vagina, characteristic of this disease, like a bad dream. To prevent relapse of diflucan can be prescribed as a preventive measure.

"The thrush flew away whistling. But, as mentioned in one review, good diflucan but good..."

Diflucan pharmacy

Indeed, the price of the drug high enough. This is due to the fact that it is original, that is, have been developed and tested by the manufacturer – Pfizer. Subsequently, the pharmacies appeared cheaper drugs with the same active substance – fluconazole 50mg, but they are, in fact, are analogues of diflucan.

If you do not have sufficient amount of treatment the original drug, can look to cheaper options. Judging by the reviews, very good health effects of the following analogues of diflucan: antiseptic, fluconazole Teva and Mycosyst.