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IThe Flagyl – the drug has Antiprotozoal and antibacterial effect designed for local application in gynecological practice.
The medicine composition includes active substance – metronidazole. The mechanism of action of Flags lies in its ability to induce biochemical restoration of 5-nitrogroup of metronidazole due to the intracellular transport of proteins the cells of protozoa and anaerobic microorganisms. The result is the inhibition of amino acid synthesis by the cell of the microorganism or the simplest, and, consequently, their death. Buy Flagyl ->>>

Antiprotozoal drug

Candle Flagyl is antimicrobial and Antiprotozoal drug that is prescribed in such diseases as non-specific vaginitis, clinically proven, urogenital trichomoniasis (vaginitis, urethritis).

Flagyl Reviews

The drug has a high protivotrihomonadnyh and antibacterial efficacy proven in several clinical trials, so most of Flagyle reviews about doctors are positive. Subject to the recommendations and dosage regimen the drug is well tolerated. The Flagyl has a broad spectrum Antiprotozoal and antibacterial action.

Medicinal properties

The drug is referred to the antimicrobial and Antiprotozoal drugs.Has a wide range of actions. The active ingredient, which is part of the drugs leads to the death of microorganisms. "Flagyl effective in the fight against the Trichomonas, Gardnerella, Giardia, and is also active against many obligate anaerobes. It is worth noting that the tool is inefficient for aerobic and facultative microorganisms.

In the use of metronidazole is rapidly absorbed, intake of food has no effect on the absorption of the drug. The substance rapidly enters the blood and tissues. A large part excreted through the kidneys, elimination half-life is about 10 hours.