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In 1987, the US has allowed the substance fluoxetine. Because of its minor side-effects this psicofarmacos has been touted as a miracle cure. From the moment of receipt in sale fluoxetine bought more than 20 million Americans, and worldwide the drug has gained nearly 40 million people. At the moment, it is sold in more than hundred countries around the world. That the Viagra for potency, fluoxetine for psyche. Problems? No problem: tablet of fluoxetine and you're fine. At least, so says an American is. Many people who never would have bought anti-depressants, fluoxetine in the recovery of mental balance. Buy Fluoxetine ->>>>

What's it like inside?

One tablet contains 10 or 20 mg of fluoxetine.

How to consume?
Pills ingested with a small amount of liquid. Other applications not yet documented. Fluoxetine does not act instantly. The body reacts about a week, sometimes even longer. Fortunately, this eliminates the use of substances as a drug substitute, e.g., MDMA.

How does it work?

Fluoxetine approved as a remedy:
experienced difficult life situations of violence;

The substance is also used in numerous violations of sexual function. For example, for the treatment of premature ejaculation. 20 mg fluoxetine orally four hours before intercourse, and includes the erection is virtually guaranteed. Prophylactic administration reduces the frequency of premature ejaculation and prolongs the time interval before ejaculation.

Fluoxetine is the so — called selective inhibitor of serotonin reuptake (SSRI). The hormone serotonin is mostly responsible for our mood and spirit. If its content in the brain is small, it can lead to depression, aggression.

Fluoxetine : where to buy ?

The antidepressant fluoxetine inhibits the decomposition of serotonin and thus increases its concentration in the brain. When setting of the corresponding diagnosis logical and effective therapeutic tool. If a sane person decides to take the drug to enhance the mood, it's a risk. The result will be approximately the same as in a healthy person is taking morphine.

Fluoxetine clears the mind and has a calming or damping effect. Constantly returning dark thoughts, or memories of an extremely unpleasant events are reduced or disappear altogether. Improved mood possible for the treatment of disorders associated with food intake (bulimia). Experiments on animals have shown that fluoxetine stimulates the production of nerve cells in the hippocampus. This part of the brain responsible for transferring knowledge from short-term into long-term memory. Whether these findings apply to humans, and whether the drug is to increase the efficiency of memory is still unknown.

In 2006, Grigori Enikolopov published a study that shows that triggered the growth of neuronal stem cells. These cells are the precursors that are able to Mature to these brain cells. How dangerous is it?