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Yasmin –General information Yasmin is a modern contraceptive pill, which is very popular, and often prescribed by physicians-gynecologists. Women who the doctor prescribed a hormonal means of contraception, often there are many questions about how to use them properly.

Review: Contraceptive pill Yasmin Schering - credible

Advantages: Effective Disadvantages: not found These pills I took in times when to be safe. Very often changed them for others, but packs of 5 used for sure.

During use I did not notice that there were some side effects. No increase, no decrease libido, too, did not notice. Took always at the same time, trying not to forget and not to miss.

The result was positive, no delay has never been.


Birth control pills yasmin contain 2 active substances: ethinylestradiol and drospirenone, which affects the egg and slow the process of ovulation.

What to do if you skip two pills?

If you have missed two pills, the contraceptive effect of the pill is reduced. In the case of missing two or more pills a guide to use of the drug is recommended to visit a doctor and discuss the situation with him. The closer the pass the pill to the 7-day break, the more likely the pregnancy, so there is a need to use additional contraception (e.g., barrier protection of condoms). If pills missed in the third week, you can interrupt the reception, thus starting the 7-day break prematurely. Menstruation in this case will start sooner.

How long can I use the drug?

Most doctors recommend taking the drug Yarina as long as the woman requires contraception. One medication can be taken not more than five years. When and how to take breaks in taking contraceptives, the doctor advises during the inspection. Usually breaks one to three months in the pill done once in six months or a year.

How yasmin helps acne?

As we know, yasmin has anti-androgenic effect that is able to reduce the amount of male hormones in the body. This property of the drug used in the treatment of acne (blackheads or pimples), which are caused by hyperandrogenism (increased levels of male sex hormones). Androgens are produced in normal and the female body only in very small quantities. If, for any reason, their production increases, symptoms of hirsutism (unwanted hair growth on face and body), acne, irregular menstruation. So very often, dermatologists prescribe the drug Yarina for therapeutic purposes in acne-induced hyperandrogenism.

In some cases, early admission, and during the first 3-6 months, possibly enhancing lesions associated with the adaptation of the organism to the drug. Often after this period, the skin condition improves. If not, you need to consult a doctor for replacement of Yasmin on other medication.